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Tour Blog: Said The Whale


I started off the first day of the new year by lazily sitting on the couch with my partner before getting a text from an old friend of mine, Lincoln. He asked if I would be interested in doing a small leg of touring with Said The Whale. I was taken back by this, surprised that literally the first day of the year and I was already making solid touring plans. I happily obliged and finished off all of the details with the rest of the band and awaited until the following month when I would get to meet them and head off on the tour.

Coming into the first sound check, and out from the cold, I casually walked around the Grey Eagle taking a few photos here and there. When working with a new group of people it often takes a moment for me to warm up and see what I can do and where all I can go. In this instance, though, I was just wandering around to warm up my hands. Central Canadian winters, am I right? Everyone was so pleasant to meet, and even more so I quickly learned of the quips and puns. Oh, how lovely the puns. These are people I can trust.




2019-02-13 12.40.58 1.jpg
2019-02-13 05.58.17 1.jpg



To anyone who has seen the tour dates will notice here how Saskatoon is missing. Well, that’s due to the fact that early in the morning we set off towards Saskatoon from Edmonton only to see some warnings pop up on the dash of the van moments before the power-steering went out. After some google searches we realized it was the serpentine belt and with the make and model of the van that meant that the whole thing wasn’t going anywhere. We were nearing the middle of nowhere, about 10 minutes outside of Vegreville, had to spend a solid hour and some looking for a mechanics shop that was open on the weekend and then eventually get the one and only cab driver to pick us up. Although I am from a small town, I do always find the small towns that are larger even stranger than the village that I grew up in. But in this case we were the strange beings that took over a Dairy Queen for upwards of 6 hours before heading to the mechanic shop, being updated and then heading to a pub across the road. Everyone that had to deal with us was quite lovely with our situation and I can’t believe that let us stay in these two establishments for so long. I cannot even remember what time we eventually left Vegreville, waving goodbye to the large egg at it’s entrance way but we did make it to Saskatoon around 3:30 in the morning to sleep for 3 hours before heading off to my last day with Said the Whale in Winnipeg.


It was truly lovely to be on the road with the members of Said The Whale. They were all so kind, open, and honest as people and individuals. Between all the quips, Denny’s, and hotel oranges, it was an over all amazing experience. I got to see different theatres in ways I had previously never anticipated, walked across the stage of the Grey Eagle, sneak my way behind Brad on the drum kit, and explore all the spooky things that different venues had to offer. Although, this one is more specific to how beautiful and spooky Winnipeg’s theatre is.

If you haven’t already, Said the Whale was touring on their new record, Cascadia and it’s definitely worth the listen. I’ve memorized every song and gesture of the band after this small run with them and it’s been nothing short of delightful.