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Gallery: Road Trip To Vancouver


I've always liked to believe when given the opportunity to be spontaneous that I could be. Time and time again that has been proven completely false. I am a creature of habit, partly conducted from my obsessive-compulsive disorder and partly because I organize my brain around how much anything will cost. Well, I have made some drastic changes to my life in the last year that I have tried really hard to maintain and that includes giving myself more time to create rather than drowning myself on top of a 9 to 5 lifestyle. This past week I was given the opportunity to join my partner on a road trip to Vancouver. Nothing particularly special about the trip, I suppose, other than the fact that it was a destination roughly twelve hours from where we live and we have friends who live out there. Since I happened to actually have more time to spare I hopped on to the opportunity to just get into the car with them one mid-afternoon and we set off. There were various things that we ended up encountering, horrid weather, witnessing awful accidents, and then eventually getting into a minor car accident of our own (this was last week so both us and the car used are just fine).



Lately, I have been getting into a new headspace around my own work and trying to find a healthy way to actually create and enjoy the work once it is finished. This particular trip I found myself happy with what I produced so rather than hide those images into the depths of my immaculate file system I decided to share them on this blog. While taking a scroll through these images I suggest listening to any of the albums we decided to listen to on the trip including American Idiot by Green Day, As You Please by Citizen, or Absent Sounds by From Indian Lakes. They will not particularly enhance any experience it's simply just a (extremely) small selection of the music we chose to fill our time with in over 24 hours worth of driving.

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