Weddings: Karli + Eric

On July 23rd Karli and Eric's family and friends came together in celebration of their marriage. It all took place in Oyen, Alberta and took on that intimate, small town experience. One of the greatest highlights of their decor were the origami flowers that formed the bouquets for the bride and her brides maids. It may of rained on and off throughout the day but the wedding party had access to the museum's church for photos. The building was beautiful, full of natural light and quirks. Once the rain let up we got out of the church and went over to a run down barn in the middle of Oyen. This group of people were so energetic and fun, constantly making jokes and finding new positions and things that they could set up for the photographs. I have to give a big thanks to my number one assistant, Jenna, and everything that she did to help out that day as well. She's always there to capture the moments when I am working on my own thing within the wedding party. Her photography is beautiful and her helping hand is always appreciated. 

Congratulations to Karli and Eric!