Born in Calgary, Alberta and currently residing in that city I am professional photographer + videographer who has a passion for live music, the visual arts, and documentary + lifestyle photography.  More than anything I want to collaborate with other passionate people to create something genuine and shows off charisma that others might not of been able to see in themselves. 

Photography has enabled me to meet interesting people and further stimulate my passion as I see and document their own. I have been able to travel and meet hundreds of different people in my career as a photographer. I am driven + quite possibly a workaholic but I find great comfort in genuinely enjoying the work that I am able to do as well as sharing some more intimate moments in life. 

If you are looking for someone to collaborate and share ideas with to create something we both love feel free to contact me so we can get started. 

Education: Alberta College of Art + Design: Bachelor of Design

Flesh & Bone Magazine | Editor-In-Chief / Head Photographer

Exposure Award @ Calgary | Emerging Photographer of 2015
See Me @ Musee du Louvre | "Sleep by Gardens" 2015

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